moveright squamish registered massage therapist aaron ogden headshot

Aaron “Red” Ogden

Registered Massage Therapist

Red is one of the founders and co-owners of MoveRight Squamish. He has a long history of being amazing. One day after saving a cardboard box full of puppies from a burning school bus, he realized how much joy he could bring the world by helping people. He realized how good helping people made him feel and cynically sought a career that made it possible to feel this everyday. When out adventuring, saving the world from The Evil Kitten’s Dander Ray, he obtained a grievous wound; the dreaded “sore-back-from-reaching-up-too-high-at-an-awkward-angle”. Seeking medical attention, he was told to “try a massage”.

The massage was curative, and Red found his vocation.

Red attended school in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and graduated with honours in 2000. In late 2001 he returned home to Whitehorse, and opened his own clinic space.

Red has a deep appreciation for, and understanding of clinical massage therapy. Red incorporates the science of massage with the art of healing. His particular interest is in how massage therapy can help with depression and anxiety. He has had extensive experience treating sports related shoulder injuries and pathologies such as frozen shoulder.

When Red is not working, he enjoys mint juleps and long walks on the treadmill. Often you can find him being duped by friends into competing in team relays like the Whistler 50 or reading comic books whilst complaining about the aforementioned trickery.